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Presented by ADP. Exclusively for small business leaders.

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Work Interrupted

There’s a monumental shift in power at work and it’s changing everything. Employees are speaking up and taking a stand. Turnover is rising. Hiring is tough. Salaries are increasing. Burnout is real. Yet, growth must continue. It's time to rebuild momentum or risk getting left behind.

Register to view the recording of Work Interrupted.

Explore the Sessions


Leadership interrupted: Leadership for growth and employee retention

Join us as we talk about the leadership non-negotiables for growth-minded small business leaders to attract and keep employees.

Culture interrupted: A checklist for building a standout culture

Learn what small businesses are doing now to develop a standout culture that fosters collaboration, belonging and purpose.

Hiring interrupted: The right candidate is out there

Hear how small businesses are solving their staffing challenges by landing talent outside their local area. This session will open your mind to new, creative ways to grow your business that you didn’t know were possible.

Pay interrupted: Pay strategies to win the talent war

Employees are asking for and expecting higher pay but only 41% of companies are budgeting for higher salary increases in 2022. What else other than pay should you consider? Get the facts during this highly anticipated session.

Well-being interrupted: Burnout is real

52% of your employees are burnt out! Learn about the systemic, cultural and global issues contributing to burnout, and what can you, as an employer do, to support your employees.

Employee open mic: What employees want you to know

Here’s your chance to find out what it takes to get employees to want to work for you. This is an open mic session for you to ask the employees anything. The result? Insider information to attract the people you want to join and stay.

The Speakers

Martha Bird

Chief Business Anthropologist

Fascinated by the collective wisdom of human cultures and the everyday contexts and extraordinary "things" we make meaningful.

Amy Powell

Employee Development Coach Believer in challenging people to pinpoint, sharpen and bring their unique competitive edge to work.

Carmela Crawford

Executive Leadership Coach

Leaders who model the way get results.