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What's the plan > Relieving administration and compliance burden with ADP TotalSource


Relieving administration and compliance burden with ADP TotalSource

Featuring Nicole Wagner of Wickham Tractor

There is a misconception that HR outsourcing is a service that only larger companies use. The truth is that many small and family-owned businesses use ADP TotalSource to leverage large company solutions, reduce costs, ease HR administration, and mitigate compliance risk.

"I am the only person in HR and I needed that partner to help me streamline," said Victoria Wagner, vice president of HR and payroll, Wickham Tractor.

"I don't have to hire a specialized person in my department. I am one person with a whole team of experts at ADP and I can do everything."

Wickham Tractor is a third-generation family-owned company with five different dealerships.

I needed a partner who could help me transform from being a paper pusher to actually ease the administration and compliance.

HR Outsourcing is for businesses of all sizes that realize the risk that comes with employing a team and keeping up with regulation.

"In HR, accuracy is not an option. Compliance and regulation have to be spot on," said Wagner. "With TotalSource, staying compliant doesn't require much of my time anymore because ADP sends the compliance information out automatically for every aspect of HR. TotalSource has changed my life."


Wickham Tractor is a third-generation family owned business. They began in 1960 with a dream of helping agriculture producers in Colorado.


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