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What's the plan > How employer branding can help you attract talent


How employer branding can help you attract talent

Featuring Jim Duffy, Kiran Contractor and Aubrey Daly

The battle for talent has shined a spotlight on the changing needs of today’s workforce. What matters most to employees now looks a little different than it did before the pandemic.

How you advertise job openings and communicate that you’re an employer of choice should reflect these changing needs.

In this episode of HR{preneur}, our speakers discuss ways you can stand out in today’s tight labor market and how to keep staff onboard once they start.


While sales, marketing, and other functions may be second nature for many business owners, HR is probably one of the more challenging aspects of running your small business. Listen to the HR{preneur} podcast, to hear discussions around workplace issues with industry experts.


How HR strategy will change for 2022

In 2022, talent strategy, employer branding, and the hybrid workplace will all be key focus areas for HR planning and strategy.