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The business case for full service payroll

Payroll taxes were ranked as the number one most burdensome tax both financially and administratively among small firms.¹

40% of small business owners say bookkeeping and taxes are the worst part of owning a small business.²

But here’s the thing. You really, really need to get his stuff right. Because the alternative is an expensive route to go down – and it’s not just bad news for employee well-being. Your bottom line could take a hit too. The IRS issued 6.8 million penalties totaling $4.5 billion related to payroll employment taxes in just one year.³

Luckily, there’s a better way.

Download our E-book "The Business Case for Full Service Payroll and HR" to learn how to save time, keep your employees happy, and help with your compliance challenges – by taking advantage of enterprise-grade payroll and HR systems, without the price tag.


1. Small Business Taxation Survey, NSBA. 2. Infographic: A Look at Accounting and Taxes, SCORE. 3. Source:, “Small Business Owners Have a $4.5 Billion Payroll Tax Problem”


Managing costs while taking care of employees

Discover how ADP's PEO helps small and midsized businesses scale, manage compliance, upskill employees, stay competitive, and reduce liability.