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How to defeat the day-to-day details with ADP Comprehensive Services

Featuring Jane Poole of Benetech

Many businesses don't think of HR as something they can outsource. However, ADP Comprehensive Services allows business leaders to do just that.

"I'm on the executive team and I was spending all my time dealing with HR details—HR compliance, we're in California the laws are very complex." said Jane Poole, VP of HR, Benetech.

When leaders partner with ADP to handle the day-to-day, the details that are so important, but also time consuming, they free up space to think more strategically.

Once we had comprehensive services, I could spend my time on strategy. I could spend my time on mission, culture, company values—really making sure that our employees had the best experience possible.

HR leaders put a tremendous amount of trust in ADP to get them the right information at the right time. This enables HR to behave as more of a growth-driver and partner to their fellow business units.


Benetech is a nonprofit that empowers communities with software for social good. Their work transforms how people with disabilities read and learn, makes it safer for human rights defenders, and connects people to the services they need to live and prosper.


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