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ADP’s approach to HR Outsourcing

When you partner with ADP, you get so much more than a one-stop solution. You gain a dedicated advisor with deep industry knowledge who is invested in your success.

With 70 years of experience, you can rely on ADP’s expertise to guide your business through any changing trends and practices. Intuitive technology and our concierge-level service means all of your back-office essentials — HR, payroll, benefits — run more efficiently without increasing headcount. 

Getting started with ADP HR outsourcing is easy. 

Step 1

Get experts in your corner

Once you’ve signed up for services with ADP HR Outsourcing, we’ll introduce you to your team, including your dedicated HR advisor. 

They will confirm your unique needs and goals and get started with setting up the technology, payroll, and benefits.

Step 2

Get to know the technology and available services

Next, your team will be trained to use all of ADP's great technology. We'll talk you through all of the ways we can help you manage your workforce across pay, benefits, compliance, learning, hiring, retention, performance management, and vaccine tracking. 

Your advisor will guide you through ADP services that help your business. We help with things like: HR handbooks, diversity, equity & inclusion, workplace risk & safety inspections, and so much more!

Step 3

Get a personalized success plan

Our advisors meet with you to develop a customized success plan that’s based on your current and future business priorities. We’ll perform benchmarking to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business. 

Finally, we’ll work with you to prioritize which areas to focus on and optimize to achieve your business goals and gain a competitive advantage. Together, we’ll plan to make meaningful change in your business.

Step 4

Get support from a team you trust

An HR outsourcing partnership with ADP means you’re not left on your own to figure out how to handle HR challenges that come your way. The relationship goes well beyond your dedicated HR advisor.

You have experts and specialists across many disciplines working behind the scenes for you.

adp hro payroll tax

Payroll and Tax

payroll benefits


adp hro carrier relations

Carrier Relations

adp hro talent


adp hro recruiting


adp hro compliance


adp hro risk

Risk & Safety

adp hro hr investigations

HR Investigations

adp hro tech support

Technology Support

adp hro workerscomp

Workers' Compensation and Claims

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